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I am Jason Sherman

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I began my journey during the dot-com boom of the 90s when I started my own Technology Consulting company after graduating Delaware Valley University with a degree in Computer Information Systems Management in 1998. Currently, I am the CEO & Cofounder for Instamour, an innovative mobile video messaging platform based out of Philadelphia (we are fundraising). I am excited to announce that Instamour graduated the 10 week StartFast Venture Accelerator program in August of 2014. I am an avid volunteer for the Philadelphia tech community as a videographer and photographer for Philly New Technology Meetup, StartupGrind (Google Entrepreneurs), Tech in Motion Events, the PSL Bootcamp series (Philly Startup Leaders), and until it ended in 2013: Philly Tech Meetup (PTM). As a contributor for Technically Philly, I write about the thriving Philadelphia tech scene with a focus on startups as well as lead a new interview video series called Startup Sitdown. I love to mentor other tech startups, college students and business owners on how to succeed which led me to create a How To Video Series hosted on my Blog and Youtube. Also, I'm an avid supporter of virtual currency such as Bitcoin and have created a microsite to teach others and spread awareness. Lastly I am a drone enthusiast, and currently fly & film with a DJI Phantom 3.

My past achievements include winning the Audience Choice award at the 2011 New Hope Film Festival for my independent film as well as landing a distribution deal. I'm also a published author as well as a classically trained violinist and was an established music producer in the late 90's. I've traveled the world extensively and have started over 10 companies since 1996 with a successful exit of my brick & mortar franchise in 2012. I love culture, languages, cooking, film, music, art, and my Shih Tzu Wolfgang. I'm an experienced graphic designer and have created hundreds of unique designs for websites and mobile apps along with developing the functionality to help bring them to life. Feel free to check out my tech resume here, writing resume here, and film resume here. Lastly, I write entrepreneurial articles about technology innovation for the Examiner. Subscribe to my column, and read my articles here: Examiner.com

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